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The Batch Scan To Pdf software can help speed and organize your large volume (batch) scanning tasks and convert your paper files to smaller PDF files with ease. Simply place where the QR-Codes should go into your file stack, click a button, and let the Batch Scan To Pdf software do its magic. There is no need for someone to be at the scanning station to keep a close eye on the files, or have someone scan paper files stack per stack in order to separate them. The Batch Scan To Pdf will take all your scanned in files, automatically separate them, and convert each one into single or multi page PDF files, saving you time and money.

The Batch Scan to Pdf software is scanner independent. This means that our software does not care what kind of scanner you have. Batch Scan To Pdf only communicates and interacts with the computer that your scanner is attached to and only interacts with the files after it has been scanned in to your computer.

Batch Scan To Pdf is perfect for small to medium size businesses that are converting or considering to convert to a "Paper-Less" operation or businesses who manage their own Document Management Systems (DMS). Converting paper files to an electronic format (PDF) can be cumbersome and often requires large quantities of man hours. With Batch Scan To Pdf, you can simply place the QR-Code (Barcode) in the proper location in the file stack, scan the files, and Batch Scan To Pdf will handle the rest. Users can step away from the computer and perform other tasks, while the Batch Scan To Pdf software automatically separates the files, and converts them to either single or multi page PDF files.

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How it works


System Requirements

- Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), Vista, 7, 8
- Pentium processor or higher
- 1GB of RAM or higher (recommended at least 2 GB)
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (If you do not have the .NET Framework 4 installed on your computer, please download it for free HERE. Install it first, then install Batch Scan To Pdf.